Ava enjoying her meal (broccoli?)

Look at those eyes!

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My three darlings!
(August, 2007)

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September 6, 2007

I actually for a moment forgot that I had a blog! The post-remodel clean up is now mostly complete, but has taken it's toll on us. The actual "dirty" cleaning is finished, all the remains is the terrible clutter monster lurking in the front room. I"ve made pretty good progress- the kids can now get to their toys and actually have some floor space in there, but it's still not a desirable room to be in.
I haven't taken any "after" pics yet, because the crown molding still isn't up on the tops of the cabinets. Maybe that will get finished before Christmas. . .
Speaking of Christmas, can't believe the year is almost gone and Ava will soon be celebrating her first birthday! She's crawling now, at nine months, and is extremely agile- pulling herself to standing on nearly everything she sees. This is all new to me- the boys just basically sat still until they were 12 months!

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