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Over the weekend...

we spent some time by this pond

a little time in this tent

a lot of time visiting this horse

way too much time eating these

and not enough time (if you ask the boys!) doing this

and this.

~how was your weekend?~


:: waiting for Gavin ::


Hey there, pretty girl!

I caught her inspecting her mouth today in the mirror
I wonder what she thinks?

You can't see the tooth in the picture, it's above her lip
way up inside her gum

Poor baby

We're supposed to watch for any facial swelling; could be a sign of infection
We're supposed to get a second opinion from a pediatric oral surgeon

We don't want her to have to go through any more trauma

We're still praying.


He wrote his name
for the first time.

I'm so excited that I
get to be the one
to teach him
how to read

Home school









Wordless Wednesday



Ok, so after a weekend full of screaming and trauma for Ava, we're finally home.

The last stop today after a total circus of phone calls, insurance and 6 trips to various dental and emergency facilities, was a lovely, absolutely perfect pediatric dentist's office.

Ava freaked out instantly, which we expected, but the staff was very caring and skilled and we were in and out quickly.

The prognosis is that the intruded tooth is in the very best position possible for not harming her adult tooth bud.
The dentist wants to wait a month or so for Ava to recover from the trauma, all the swelling and pain to subside, and then take a look at it.

There is still a chance it will have to be pulled, but there is also a chance it may not have to be pulled and we won't know for quite a while.

Thank you to all of you who prayed for us; please keep praying that the tooth will grow straight back down and there will be no complications. Also, that Ava will be completely "healed" from the mental/emotional trauma so that the follow up visit will not be stressful for her.

She's asleep now and the house is quiet...


Prayer Request

Friday night at church, Ava slipped off a piano bench and smashed her face. We initially thought her front tooth had been knocked out, but a couple hours, less blood and a trip to Children's Hospital later, we discovered that the tooth was actually jammed way up into her top gums.

She is in a tremendous amount of pain, there is tons of swelling, her nose and upper lip are completely distorted. She is having trouble eating and drinking, and can no longer have her beloved pacifiers due to the injury.

Please pray for wisdom for the pediatric dentist we will see tomorrow, wisdom for Marvin and I to know how to handle the situation, and peace and healing for Ava.

There is a very small chance that the baby tooth has crashed into her adult tooth and if so it will have to be pulled out. There is a more likely chance that the baby tooth will just "grow" back down on it's own in a couple of months. This is, obviously, the better option.

I'm exhausted, we have been up late two nights and my arm is going numb from carrying Ava around constantly. I feel like this is my fault; I nearly skipped the function we went to Friday night where she got hurt because I had a headache. I wish I had stayed home. I completely blame myself for her accident and feel like I made the wrong choice.

I know this isn't about me, it's about Ava and her injury, but I feel guilty to the max. Please pray for me, I'm devastated every time I look at her beautiful, mangled little face and hear her saying, "Mommy, my mouf hurts, I want my owie to go away!"


another short post

Ava went potty by herself, didn't wipe, and is running around the house naked. I don't care.

The kitchen floor is so dirty that I could probably pick out crumbs from 9 separate meals.

Alec grew an extremely tall marigold in class and gave it to me today after school
for Mother's Day.
I hate marigolds, but love this one, it's the most beautiful one I've ever seen.
I might even fill our planter boxes in the front of the house with marigolds this summer;
I do love orange.

My sliced knuckle is healing nicely,
I took the splint off this afternoon, but it has three butterfly closures on it
and a huge band aid on top.

Benji has the booger-iest nose I've ever seen in my life


(short post, still wearing a splint!)

Where's the romance

when your knight in shining armor had to

hop off his white horse

to put on his c-pap mask?



lots and lots of blood in my kitchen sink when i snipped off the top of my knuckle today, down to the tendon!

i was cutting benji's hair

i have a splint and a huge wad of gauze and can't type or sew

having dinner tonight with friends, adults only! maybe that will put me in a better mood

i'll be back when i can bend my finger and type more than 5 words a minute!

Wordless Wednesday



~There is a dead spider on the ceiling of the bathroom. Instead of wiping it off, we tell Ava and Benji to "look at the spider" so they'll look up when we wash their hair!

~My 100lb. German Shepherd is terrified of the vacuum cleaner. She gave it a warning bite the other day as I pushed it towards her face.

~Ava knows how to do ninja moves with a lightsaber. Thanks, boys!

~Marvin hates Ava's squeaky shoes, has forbidden me from buying any more for her, and I think is secretly delighted that the pair she's currently wearing probably won't last her for the entire summer.

~I recently found two tubes of Fisher Price Little People on clearance at
Kroger for 50 cents each! I bought them both.

~I have a love/hate relationship with teaching Sunday school.

~People continue to use our driveway as a turn-around. It continues to drive me crazy. There is another perfectly good driveway a couple houses down from ours, maybe I should post a sign with an arrow.

~This is a totally lame post. I have lots to blog about right now but not a lot of time...

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