a sneek...


Ava's birthday is coming!

On another note, I've been sick.

Not just "sick" but S.I.C.K.

Since Wednesday afternoon, I've been in bed with a very ferocious strain of stomach flu.
I've lost 13 lbs. in 5 days.  Not ideal.

I tried to get out of bed yesterday,
but when the kitchen floor started pitching like the deck of a fishing boat, I headed {slowly} back.

So...today, for the first time in 5 days,
I"m not wearing a nightgown,
I'm sitting in a room other than my bedroom,
I'm answering emails,
and phone calls

and really sad that we missed Thanksgiving, a family wedding, lunch with a friend, and family portraits.

I'll be back soon with those Chicago vaca photos!


I'm so excited

...and I just can't hide it!

Change is happening, change is good

Marvin accepted a position recently at work that was a promotion.  It meant a tad more time away from home, but not much, and it meant more enjoyment for him at work, more challenge and fulfillment.

I totally think that Marvin deserves to do something he enjoys since he spends most of his day at work, working to support us (while I sit at home and eat bon bons and the maid and nanny run things)

So, I was excited for him, a little nervous for us, but eagerly trusting in Jesus to take us where He wants us to go with this.

Well, here's more of the excitement...

Marvin has to go to Chicago for training, and we're tagging along! 
(One of the MANY benefits of homeschool.)

Not only that, but we're staying FREE at the Palmer House Hilton in downtown Chicago.  OK, seriously, click the link and drool.  It's going to feel a tad strange parading our family of 5 through that posh lobby; I hope my boys can resist the urge to play ninja in the elevators

We also get free admission to nearly all the awesome museums there because of a reciprocity program that includes a museum that we already have a membership to.

AND, Marvin was approved to take all of Monday as a travel day, so that means we can leave a day early and have a whole day together before he starts training.

So, I'm sure you can tell that I've never been to Chicago before, huh!  My plan is to not freak out that I'm in a brand new city "without" Marvin, take the bus to our museums so I don't get lost, and bring plenty of suckers (organic from Trader Joes' of course!) to stave off any budding temper tantrums.

I'm also intending to be a major wet blanket and take some of the boys school work. Hee-hee!  Hopefully the shininess of the hotel will distract them from the fact that they both strongly dislike math.

Marvin's classes are right in the hotel, and he's finished each day at 5, so we'll have the evenings to go and see what we can see together.  I"m praying for nice weather so we can walk out on Navy Pier and such without being blown away.


Tomorrow is my birthday (I'm turning 27 again!)


Thanks to the generosity of her blog readers, it looks like Brittany and family will be returing home in a couple of weeks to pack their house and officially move out.  While I'm devastated that it looks like they still might not be able to save their house, I'm ecstatic that I get to see her and the kids for several weeks.


Have a great weekend, you all!








I took pictures of these precious children last week.

They belong to my best friend Sarah.

I took the pictures in front of the barn at my other best friend's house.
I was sad, but we had fun.

I've known Sarah since we both got preggers with our boys, Benji and Noah
(Noah's 6, and Benji's 6 in a few weeks)

We didn't really connect until after the boys were born, but since then we've been as tight as
peanut butter and jelly!

We stuck to our guns when Benji and Noah went through the
"I'm two and I don't share" phase,
and it paid off.
Noah and Benji are best friends now, too.

Our friendship has weathered job losses, another baby, summers and school years, parents moving, a very long mission trip, sickness and more sickness,
nursing school and home school.

Through each change, we've changed and shifted,
always making time for each other,
making time for our kids to play.

Ava is like a little sister to Sarah's daughter Mia.
Alec looks up to Nate, Sarah's oldest

Our husbands are friends

I love her mom and dad

I love her kids like they're mine

We know everything (maybe too much!) about each other

This is a friendship I cherish

{Sarah, I can't wait to see what your nurse says about you when you get old!}


La Vie en Rose

life through  ~rose~  colored glasses

she sees  
everywhere she goes

every song is a 

laughter  is currency

daddy's  sweet  pea

mommy's mimic

but already 18

my  daughter



Hi, y'all! 

I know I haven't posted in a while, so here's something to read...

A couple weeks ago in church, our pastor talked about how often, when he was upset, he'd go grab some candy...chocolate or Skittles, preferably.  The chocolate bit had all the ladies laughing.

The point of the message was that we are too easily satisfied.  Why would we be satiated with some cocoa and sugar when we can have the peace that passes all understanding from our Lord and Savior?

On a personal note, I'm all for earthly comfort (and chocolate!).  We were made to enjoy our life here, why else would we have taste buds, eyes, ears, noses?  We were not, however, made to substitute earthly comforts for what Jesus wants to offer our souls.

I am guilty of being too easily satisfied in many areas.  But, I also have tasted the comfort of the divine presence of my Jesus, nearer and dearer than any thing else.

So what does the squirrely picture of Benji have to do with Skittles? 

Nothing, I just thought it was cute...

I'm sure he'd like to eat some, though!

I'm asking you...

Most of you probably know my precious friend, Brittany, from 4 Little Men and Girly Twins.

Her family has hit on some very hard times and I have put together a fund raiser on her behalf.

If you know her, or are just interested in helping out a needy family, please visit

and click donate!

Thank you all in advance for your support.

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