this is Where We Were

when she called. 
I enjoyed hanging out at the beach with you! 
Let's do it again soon, in person!


Wordless Wednesday



Focus on giants and you sTuMbLe

Focus on {{God}}and your giants sTuMbLe


What I'd tell them...

...if I was leaving them till heaven

Use your God given gifts well, and always for His glory

Do not be afraid to be different

Do not follow anyone or anything but Jesus and His truth

Seek first God's kingdom above all other goals or desires

Be a servant, serve with your whole heart, but only after caring for the needs of your family

Never forget to enjoy God's creation- He gave us 5 senses; use them to see, hear, taste, touch, and smell the tangibility of your Creator

Follow God's plans as laid out in His word for guidance with your material wealth, and give generously of everything you have been given

Remember that your heavenly Father is merciful; there is no sin you can commit that He will not forgive if you ask

Forgive as you were forgiven

Be confident in yourself; no matter what you hear from the world, you were created in God's image and you are who you are for a specific and divine reason and plan

Read your Bible every day, the word of God is powerful and alive, and will guide you when you feel uncertain

Always remember that Daddy and I love you, you are our treasures from Heaven and even if we are not with you in flesh, we will always hold you close in our hearts.


Wordless Wednesday {the Bee Hunter}


tokens of {love}

How are you showing 
to your mom this week? 


1000 words

I don't have a picture, so I need 1000 words, right?

Monday is here, and we have a very fun week ahead!  
Ava starts her ballet/tap/tumbling class tomorrow, we have our last choir rehearsal before the concert, we have a field trip to Dawes Arboretum with our homeschool group, we have the first of two choir concerts on Friday, creeking at a local park with my parents (my dad is a volunteer guide and knows all the "good places" to play!) a birthday party for a darling little girl, and another mother's day celebration on Sunday with my in-laws

The Weather Man promises mostly sunny weather and temperatures in the low 70's

Is there an Attitude Man that promises mostly sunny dispositions and tantrums in the "low occurrence" zone?

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