Just Mine

{Just a post with 
just pictures of 
just what I touch and work on during
 my day}

I wanted to see what I see all day besides the kids...
I think a couple kids snuck in there
but I tried to isolate and photograph 
just what I do

Call it an experiment in "maternal social studies!

serving breakfast
{homemade grain-free granola and raw pastured milk}

someone who is very grateful for the nutritious food I work hard to provide

Heading to the shower...
{this robe has seen me through pregnancies, sickness, cold days, sad days...and yes, I'm aware that it has yellow bath ducks and bubbles on it!}

Arthur...on the way upstairs
{long story, still makes me laugh}

And this still makes me smile!
{we worked so hard on this room, never thought we'd be finished...still love it up there}

Nasty...but cute
{this bathroom is older than your grandmother and dirtier than the bottom of an inner city dumpster...the day we rent a truck and haul away the guts of this room will be a happy one, indeed!}

Favorite jeans
{that of course were discontinued right after I ordered them and fell in love!}

 Other random stuff I must use each and every day
{in our other bathroom...that is older than your GREAT grandmother and dirtier than...well, I can't say! Not sure which one I'm more excited about tearing in to}

Waiting for me at the foot of my bed
{our "laundry room" is actually a small closet...IN our bedroom. Mixed feelings on that one!}

Checking in, and finding diligence!
{not normal...but warms my heart when it happens. Usually when I step out of the room, pandemonium breaks loose. Hence the reason I don't seem to get as many daily showers as I should!}

LOTS of tea bags...

for LOTS of kombucha
{this was my first gallon batch...isn't it pretty?}

If it isn't written in here, we won't be there!
{this is my paper-brain...couldn't live without it}

And if it isn't written in HERE, my kids won't be learning it!
{I heart my planners!}

Back in the kitchen to make lunch
{they all LOVE celery!}

Finding a misplaced water bottle

This is never empty...
{sad, but true!}
{I'd LOVE to have two dishwashers!}

Apron love

Something else to trip over
{but loyal companion!}

Dinner leftovers
{grain-free biscuits with jelly}

My light saber...duh-DUH, duhduhduhDUH-duh
{I love this broom...makes me happy to sweep!
and yes, there's a little St*r Wars love around here, too}

What's in there for tomorrow?
{can you spot the leeks, pastured chicken, farm eggs and cod liver oil?
Oh, and Ruger is looking for a carrot!}

This means bedtime is almost here...
{or maybe this was me starting it at noon!}

I would like to try this again but with a different theme...
maybe like "what I taught the kids" or "what we read" or "what I cooked"


A Thousand Words...literally!

This might just look like a sweet picture to anyone else...

but for me, it is worth 1000 words.

 One thousand word spent 
doubting myself
questioning learning abilities
asking for help
refusing help
seeking advice and finding answers
trying new things
repenting for giving up

One thousand words spent

asking why?
giving up (again!)
getting creative
and finally

falling on my knees before the One who knows...
(isn't it funny that sometimes that's the last thing we do?)

You see, this picture represents the fruit of our two year struggle to get Benji reading, AND to get Benji and Ava to stop their constant picking at each other. This picture represents the faithfulness of our God...and how He does care about the details of our life!

Wanna know how we did it?
Coming soon...

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