Cake number two. . .equally as delish!

Harrison, Alec and Noah making sure Benji opens his gifts the right way (or wishing they were the ones opening presents!)

Daddy and "Boo"

Benji's birthday party was fun, he got tons of Batman, Spidey, and Power Rangers stuff to feed his obsession with all things super-hero related. We do low-key parties, mainly just let all the friends come over and play for a while. You know, if childhood birthdays are so spectacular, ponies and clowns, where do you go from there? Most of life would just be a big letdown after that! Thanks to everyone who came, brought gifts and tried my onion-y hummus! You guys rock!
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4 Little Men January 27, 2008 at 6:08 PM  

We had a great time and the onion-y hummus was good. I just got your message about Goodwill. :( I was home alone too. OY!

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