I am sooooo tired today! For some reason Ava has decided the past several days that she's just really not into napping right now. I LIVE for nap time, so needless to say, I"m a bit annoyed right now.
To heap trouble on trouble, I don't have a car either. The transmission went out on Marvin's (old-ish) Explorer, and it's too old and too costly to fix, so we're being forced to car shop. Marvin's been taking the van to work every day, and mommy is stuck at home with a non-napping 13 month old.
I keep telling myself that this in a character-building excercise, but I'm definately not enjoying it!!

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4 little men January 16, 2008 at 9:51 PM  

ahhh... when it rains it pours!

I hope she sleeps tomorrow.

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