Merry Christmas from the Wachtmans!

Christmas 2007 was very exciting for all of us. Even though it was Ava's second Christmas, it was really like her first, because now she was very aware of what was happening. Much to our suprise, she pretty much left the Christmas tree and ornaments alone, but she did continue to eat the dirt out of our tall "house tree" by the front door!

The boys were really excited, talking constantly about which toys they wanted to get (we're going to work on taking the focus off of that next year. . .), and really enjoying the weekly Advent candle lighting and Bible stories. The baby Jesus story is finally sinking in with Alec this year, along with many suspicious questions about Santa! Benji is just happy with everything, and pretty much goes along with what ever big brother is saying.

I really enjoyed the nearly two weeks off from school that Alec had and the very long week between Christmas and New Years that Marvin had. We had a really nice time and enjoyed each other's company. We saw a movie, an art exhibit, went to the Ohio Historical Socitey Museum, and several other fun activities.

We've got all of Christmas put away now except the tree; I've been a bit pokey on that this year. It will happen this weekend if not this evening! Any of you who live close can drive by tonight and see if there is a giant tree by the curb!

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