Friday, July 13, 2007

Well, the kitchen is almost finished. What possessed us to start this leg of our renovations after we had three kids, I'll never know.
We started the last week of March, so I guess we're in about our 13th week or so. All we have left to do is finish putting up the trim, connect all the electrical in the basement, and install the counter top and sink. That may sound like a lot, but we had completely gutted the room, down to the bare, bumpy, plaster walls! We've come a long way, but it's been a very hard uphill climb.
Today I started moving some stuff into the cabinets. I'm having a difficult time adjusting to their size- I had only a few cabinets before, but they were quite large and cavernous and required much less thought as to where to put stuff.
Alec is at a pool party tonight, and Ava is in bed, so maybe Benji can go to bed a little early and I can get some more done.
Check out these "during" pics of the kitchen, and some of my darling Ava!!

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