July 30, 2007

Today was Alec's first day of Skyhawks soccer camp at our local park. He had a good time and is looking forward to the rest of the week. He always does so well in social situations once he gets over the initial hump of not knowing anyone. Hopefully he'll adjust just as easily to first grade!
KItchen update: this past weekend was supposed to be "wrap everything up weekend". But, as all projects go in this house, that didn't happen. The counter is finished, though, and looks great. Here's a rundown of what we've got left to do: two thresholds, two pieces of trim, toekick, cabinet crown, connecting one outlet in the basement, screens and storms, put together table and chairs. Then, of course, there is my massive personal list of things to do to add the finishing touches. I've been picking away at the gargantuan piles of kitchen-related who-knows-what littering our entire house, and it's slowly getting better. The boys were able to access some of their toys today out of the cabinet in the playroom, which made them ecstatic. Hopefully that will keep them occupied tomorrow and Wed. while I finish sorting/unpacking during Ava's naps.

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