Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ok, surprise, Ava has Roseola! The boys didn't get it at all, but according to all the online info, it's extremely common. She started with a decent fever on Tuesday, which climbed to around 106 degrees by Wed. evening. We were a tad nervous, and I actually had the audacity to look up Dr. Lyss' home phone number and call him at 7:30 pm. Hey- we'll do anything for our kids, right?!
Anyways, she's on some immune-building, anti-viral supplements and her fever is gone, and the rash is extremely mild. The only negative side effect currently is extreme irritability. . .she got this on the tail end of cutting her bottom two teeth, so there has been a week or so now where I've done nothing but tote her around the house with me all day long. At 18lbs., she's no lightweight- I'm a tad tired!
Today, Marvin and dad got the wainscoting finished with the exception of a tiny, two inch strip, and put down the plywood underlayment for the counter top. I'm trying to decide on our faucets, hoping to make up my mind and order tomorrow. I'll be really mad at myself if I'm so wishy-washy that they're not here by the time we need them! (hopefully next weekend)

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