Tuesday, July17, 2007

We had a terrible snafu with our sink. . .the woman at Lowe's who designed our cabinetry area in the kitchen gave us a 33 inch sink base. Having never done a kitchen remodel before, we weren't aware that the 33 inch size was not the standard sink base size. We blithely purchased a couple of 33 inch sinks to try out to see which style I liked best (single or double bowl), assuming that a 33 inch sink fit into a 33 inch sink base. Well, reality slapped us in the face on Sunday when we went to cut the hole in the plywood counter top for the sink and realized that the standard sink base was 36 inches and a 33 inch sink fits into one of those. We also figured out very quickly that a 30 inch sink was not very easy to come by. After several hours spent online, I finally found one company (Kindred) out of the 8 or so out there that make stainless steel sinks that makes a 30 inch, single bowl. (no one at all makes a double bowl that size). We had to pay through the nose to get the sink and get it shipped here in time for our tile guy to start on the counter top. I am soooooooo ready to have this nightmare over with, and am really dreading clean up. I'll post a picture of the way our house looks right now. . .

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