December 17, 2007

I just wrote my annual Christmas letter and realized that I desperately needed to continue updating my blog. In case anyone has actually been keeping up with us, I apologize for the huge gaps!
The kitchen project and the "clutter monster" are both under control. The front room is now useable as a playroom/my sewing room again, and the kitchen is also totally functional. The crown molding still isn't up, and there are one or loose ends still, but I'll still post some pictures.
We are almost ready for Christmas, I still have a couple of things to purchase for Marvin and something for my nephew, but that's it. We went all out on the decorations this year, celebrating the fact that I wasn't preggers!!! ;-) this time, and the house looks really pretty, if I do say so myself. The kids are getting really excited (well, Alec and Benji are), and I'm really looking forward to Christmas break- a whole week of wallowing in our pj's with everyone home. Hopefully we can refrain from making too many plans.

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