After a long day, this is what we have in the backseat of our too-small-for-the-five-of-us Accord.

We started the morning with Mommy sleeping in (yay!). Then we went to the annual Maple Syrup Festival at the local Boy Scouts camp. We've been every year since I can remember, and now that Alec is a Cub Scout, it's even more special (for the boys). It involves being very cold and/or wet and muddy and the investigation of all things primitive and male. That being said, mommy doesn't always enjoy herself!
After that, we headed to the next town north of us to look at a couple of prospective vans to replace our totaled one. The one we decided on is a couple of years newer than our old one, and has some upgrades that we didn't have before (keyless entry and power sliding doors! YIPEEE!!). We're waiting to iron out all the details till Monday, but if all goes well, we should have a new vehicle by Wednesday or so!!!
Tomorrow we are going to say goodby to our old smashed up van. We have to remove our remaining personal property from it before we sign it over to the insurance company so they can sell it part by part. I'm sure I'll be a tad emotional, and I'm going to take pictures of it; I'll post them as a reminder to everyone to wear your seatbelts!!
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Kate February 24, 2008 at 7:27 PM  

This picture cracks me up! I love seeing kids sleeping in there carseats. Poor Alec in the middle...he looked squished! It was good seeing you at church this morning! You're so pretty...your face lights up the room. : )

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