Today was a good day.
I've been needing one of those!
I went to my chiropractor this morning after I dropped Benji off at Nana's house. After the appointment, Ava and I visited the thrift store nearby and found an adorable pair of shoes, but they didn't fit anybody!
We picked up Benji, went home and picked Alec up from school and I had the boys help me pick up the downstairs (first time in probably two weeks).
Marvin is still home sick today (strep and the flu), but he's feeling some better. While we were picking up, he was talking to the insurance company who finally told us how much they were going to reimburse us for the van.
As much as I don't like to car shop, I"m very relieved to finally be able to do it and get this whole thing over with.
So, here I am at 7:30, with the downstairs neat as a pin (including the kitchen), Ava in bed and the boys waiting for me in the bathtub.
Mommy is looking forward to an early bedtime with a cup of tea and American Idol (anyone else a fan??)

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4 Little Men February 22, 2008 at 10:39 AM  

Yeah for a good day and yeah for insurance calling you back. Ha!

I'm envious of you clean house... I went to bed with a mess and now I'm cleaning up. OY!

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