That's some kind of depressing, isn't it?! (yes, that is my stove under there) This is just a drop in the bucket of what happens when Mommy doesn't do anything for a week.

It took me close to two hours to put the kitchen back in order yesterday, despite the fact that my dear Sarah had partially cleaned it for me the day before.

Not only was it messy and cluttered, but VERY dirty! Ewww! This was one of only a handful of mornings that I came out to a dirty sink. Can't stand to come out to the kitchen and start my day by cleaning up last night's mess. Gotta love the FlyLady! She taught me the benefits of shining my sink every night before bed.
On a side note, I can get the boys to pick up after themselves, but does anyone know how to actually make them care that things are messy?!
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4 Little Men February 17, 2008 at 2:55 PM  

your kitchen is still awesome... dirty at all. :)

kids... care... about... mess... ha! :) Let me know if you figure that one out.

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