The jewlers lost Marvin's wedding band.

He took it in to be repaired. They called him and said that it couldn't be fixed, and did he want them to send him another one. He told them no, that he just wanted his old ring back.
A couple of weeks later he got a phone call saying that his ring was in. He put it on in the store, and then took it right back off because it didn't fit his finger. Then he noticed that it looked really shiny and new. Then he looked inside and saw the absence of the engraving and the custom sizing balls that he had put in. They had sent him a ring that was definitely NOT his.

He's spent close to a week playing phone tag with various supervisors and managers but to no avail. The ring that we picked out together nearly 11 years ago, the ring the I placed on his finger on our wedding day as we said our vows, the ring that was on his hand when he held our newborn babies, the ring that symbolizes two hearts forever joined, the ring is gone.
I am absolutely crushed. I cried for a long time the night he told me.

They'll replace it, of course, but that thought just makes me laugh. Who can replace something so priceless, so timeless, as a wedding band?

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4 Little Men March 2, 2008 at 12:51 AM  

Oh my goodness... how can they just completely lose his ring. That's crazy! Is there any chance of finding it?

I'm so sorry. :(

talk to you later,


Kate March 2, 2008 at 12:48 PM  

Ohhhhhhhh....my heart SANK as I read this. How terrible.

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