Yes, I know this post is a tad outdated...We're just now starting to feel somewhat normal after the long and snot-filled bout with assorted viruses.

We did have fun in all that snow two weeks ago, and now I keep checking the front yard for tips of tulip leaves.

During my absence from blogland:

*We've recovered from the nasties
*Alec and Benji have raced in the annual Pinewood Derby with Cub Scouts
*I "taught" one of the naughtiest Sunday school classes I've ever seen
*Marvin's wedding band was replaced and he's the proud owner of a new tungsten carbide band, also, compliments of the jewlers who were trying to make nice for the nasty mistake they made
*We convinced the dealership to fix our new van for free, sold the Explorer with the bad transmission, and are now officially finished with the whole car mess
*The house is a disaster from me doing nothing but handing out pills and potions for two weeks
*Our newly repaired roof started leaking again...

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Kate March 21, 2008 at 9:31 AM  

You were missed in blog-land! Ok, first off, I would LOVE to try out your carriers. Secondly, your hair looks fabulous. Your house also looks like its fabulous. I'm coming over just to see it sometime soon. Or maybe you should just come to my house and decorate it for me. : ) That picture of Ava is hilarious! We didn't even step foot out of the house.

Amanda March 21, 2008 at 11:27 AM  

Glad to hear everyone is feeling better! Love your haircut and the pictures of everyone!

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