Saturday was the big egg coloring day...boys were excited, Ava was napping, Mom was dreading the mess, Dad was pretending to be involved while he watched the basketball game...

Benji had quite a few "splash down" episodes; I used a lot of Oxi Clean on his shirt later!

Alec trying his hand at the mysterious clear wax crayon that comes in the kit; he did pretty well considering that you really can't see what you're writing

Note the muddy teal- ish color? Ok, here's the lowdown: I won't buy any eggs unless they are free range or free range and organic. I had the awful privilege of visiting a small farm that raised some "commercial" chickens, and that did it for me.

I have a real problem supporting farms that treat our food (meat or veggies) in an un-natural way because it's more convenient or they can make more profit. When food is raised/grown naturally, the way God intended for it to be, it's just plain better for our bodies. For me, that includes eggs from chickens that are allowed to roam free in a grassy yard, not stacked up on each other in hot, filthy boxes.

Marvin knows this and when he reminded me to go get eggs to color, he also gently reminded me that the brown eggs that I typically buy (that are free range) probably wouldn't look very good after they were dipped in dye. Well, after I waited in the line (yes, I did say "line"!!) at the egg cooler at Meijer on Friday, I had resolved to get only one dozen of the white commercial eggs and a dozen of my "guilt-free" free range eggs.

As soon as I got in the car to come home, it hit me that while I thought I was so clever in compromising with half commercial eggs and half free range, I had completely overlooked the fact that half of those eggs would be brown...

So, my lovely BROWN free range eggs had to sit in the dye for at least 2 or 3 minutes, much to the dismay of my boys (all three of them!) and let me say that brown eggs do not, indeed, color well.
The boys still had fun, though, and I'm having fun trying to figure out how to get my family to consume all 24 hard boiled beauties!
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4 Little Men March 24, 2008 at 10:16 PM  

So much fun! Paul did not want to do eggs so I didn't push it. Plus I was worried about the same thing... bad commercial eggs or brown eggs? You can buy white free range eggs but I was also worried that the dye would go through the shell? Then we couldn't eat them? I still need to make egg salad... that's what you should do with those eggs.

talk to you later, Britt

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