Stripping. . .

Over the weekend, we took the old playroom from this. . .

to this,
without the help of any chemical wallpaper removers! We were truly amazed- the paper and a layer of paint underneath just peeled off in big sheets (with minimal help from a paint scraper)

Tomorrow I"m going to use a little DIF to remove some last little stubborn bits and then begin clean up to get ready for primer. We like to use Zinsser's high hiding primer- it's low oder and thick, it does a fantastic job of covering nearly anything.

After that, my dad will come and do a little patching on the walls and then hopefully this coming weekend we'll be putting some color up!!!
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Karen May 22, 2008 at 12:30 AM  

Oh I am feeling the pain. I have so done that in 3 rooms in my house and the entry and TWO layers of wallpaper. And they didn't prime under any of it!

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