Cosmic City Part Two

I've been a Sunday school teacher for several years. I've taught ages 4 through 7. Having 12 kids in a classroom at 9:00 am with a door you can shut is one thing. Having to escort 12, 4 and 5 year olds through a crowd of 100 other kids to a new location every 20 minutes at 7:00 PM is quite another thing! That is what I did Monday night and last night and will be doing the rest of the week. To add to the stress, we have Mrs. R and Mrs. H (heads of children's ministry and VBS) with their eagle eyes upon us, be very afraid if you should happen to let a kid get away!

Despite the crippling circumstances, last night went fairly well, no one got lost thanks to my constant paranoid head counting and my two high school age helpers. Verbally, however, the night did not go well at all. Every time I looked at him, Benji was gleefully participating in some vigorous name calling with eloquent titles such as "poop head", "diaper face" and the worst one, "princess"! I was mortified.

We had a talk with him this morning and he is fully aware that that is not acceptable behavior and if he should participate in it again, he will be in the baby nursery tonight with Ava and will be taken home by Daddy when he comes to pick her up.

My morning went well, we had an appointment with the chiropractor to correct the damage done when Ava fell down the stairs and got kicked in the head last week. Alec had spent the night at a friends house, so we picked him up after that and ran a quick errand.

All went relatively well until we were leaving the store and Benji accidentally threw one of his Webkinz in front of an oncoming car in the parking lot. I wasn't holding his hand like I normally do and didn't realize what had happened until I heard him yell. I turned my head just in time to see him dash out in front of the car to pick it up. Thankfully the car was going fairly slowly and stopped when they saw Benji.

I got the kids in the car and had to explain to Benji very sternly that it would be much better for his fake fur and stuffing Webkinz to get run over than for his real self to get run over, and that we can always buy another Webkinz, but never another Benji. As soon as the words were out of my mouth, I had one of "those moments" . . .

You know when something happens or you say something that really drives home a truth about your life? Well of course I know I can never buy another Benji, but don't I forget that sometimes and take him for granted! He is precious and unique. I will always hold his hand in the parking lot. At least till he's old enough to drive!

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4 Little Men & Twins June 25, 2008 at 3:27 PM  

Oh it is just killing me to not be helping you right now. I so wish I could take the kids or go for a nice afternoon diversion to the goodwill.

So glad benji is okay... that would have freaked me out.

thanks for taking on more stress for our family... you're the best!


Faith Hope Love Mama June 26, 2008 at 3:24 AM  

I had to comment on your VBS.
I decided to be the Director of ours this year. Do not ask me what I was smoking when I said yes to this task because I don't know. I have probably the worst attitude about it and I am sure there is nothing giving glory to God about it. I have grumbled, complained, cried, whined, and just about quit. I wish I was able to back out but at this point I would have to quit church if I did that. Not happening. So, with my poor attitude I will trudge on and read about your nights at VBS. Ours begins August 3rd. I think that is why I am having a hard time with it. I just want to get it over and not have my whole summer feel like an impending doom. Terrible-I know. Just wanted to share from one mom to another that wishes she would stop always saying yes to that which she should not. :)

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