Four Weeks

The kittens are four weeks old now. A couple of days ago, we heard one mewing in the boxwood hedge in front of our house. We found it and put it back in the box with the others, but within 5 minutes Polly had taken it back out and put it back in the bushes! She proceeded to quickly take the remaining two out and deposit them with the first one.

We weren't sure what she was doing, we thought maybe the box was just too hot and she was trying to get them cool (it's been 90 degrees lately), or she just thought it was time to introduce them to the wide world around them.

I was going to leave them be until Marvin mentioned that if one of them wandered too far, a passerby may help themselves to it or one of the many stray cats living nearby might decide to do some damage.

The kittens are now safely housed in a very large dog crate on the front porch in the shade, and we let Polly in several times a day so she can feed them, and out so she can visit her "husband" across the street!

They are absolutely adorable; it's amazing that they can grow this much in only four weeks! (I really wasn't trying to take pictures of their rear ends, they just kept tottering away from the camera)

This picture was for size comparison; they really are still very small and oh-so-cuddly!
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