Funny Benji

Since I"m using this blog as a sort of digital scrapbook, I have to post these funny moments we've had lately with Benji. There are three, bravo to you if you make it to the end of them without laughing out loud at least once!

  • A recent conversation: Me, upon seeing Benji's choice of clothing for the day, "Oh sweetie! You're wearing Alec's shorts!" Benji, "Yeah, and I put on three shirts and it's a little weird!" Me, "OK, can Mommy help you?" (trying very hard to stifle a laugh because he just looked so bulky!) Benji, "Yeah. I couldn't open my drawer so I opened Alec's drawer and I thought Hm mm, maybe these are my clothes?"

  • Benji and I were on one of our rare trips to the mall. We were in the elevator. Benji, having just pushed the down button says, "Mom, is it going to go fast?" and then, "WHOA! my penis almost fell off!"

  • Alec and Benji collect a series of cards called Weird n Wild, they are a compilation of real and fictional creatures and beasts. Benji was looking at them with Papa. He picked up the King Cobra card and soberly announced, "The King Cobra. If you meet him at night, he'll eat your penis."

Clearly this little boy seems to have an interest in his, er, underwear region. . .Will that ever change, I wonder?

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Kate June 6, 2008 at 4:26 PM  

I about fell off my chair the second I read, "WHOA! My penis almost fell off!" I would have peed my pants laughing right there in the elevator!!!

Faith Hope Love Mama June 7, 2008 at 12:30 AM  

Both hubby and I are rolling reading these. How old is this little guy because my 4 year old seems to be on the same thinking patterns as him. Oh the joy of boys that love the contents of their underwear!!

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