Mah-velous Monday!

The boys coined some new phrases over the weekend:

Alec was helping Marvin use fishtape to pull some old wire out of the wall in our front room. Marvin went around the corner, and Alec said, "Hey, Dad! Do you need the monkey wire in there?"

Before our prayers with the boys last night, Benji excitedly told me that he and Daddy had seen some "fire bees" outside and they were "turning on and off!!".

Too cute!

Today I start my new summer schedule with the kids. After last week of nothingness, it's very clear to me that we all need some sort of routine to stick to even though school's out. It's pretty similar to the school one that we use, but includes time for "weeding and watering" and fun outdoor activities instead of school.

I also have an appointment this morning to FINALLY get a nasty, ugly, very tiny skin tag removed from my neck! Yay!

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