This is the "pit", as I so fondly called it. The room next to our kitchen was the kids toyroom, we shoved all the toys to the back, moved in our refrigerator, table and chairs and EVERYTHING ELSE that was in our kitchen. We lived that way for almost 5 months. It was totally insane.

Here's the kitchen just before we put the cabinets in. I danced around the tile guy as he was installing, trying to hurry up and get the final coat of paint on. Because the shade of red we chose was so deep, we used a gray primer underneath. We did one coat of that and two coats of the red, and it ended up exactly true to the swatch.

This is the view from the kitchen into the living room, completely unuseable also because of all the cabinets parked in the middle of the floor. We spent most of the summer outside!

And here's my beloved, puzzling over how in the heck to install cabinets in a house with no square walls or corners.
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