To My Beautiful Daughter

I don't want to ever forget the way you looked at me tonight when I rocked you before bed. . . The way your eyelids drooped and the way your damp hair felt against my arm. . .

Ours is a bond like no other. . .You seem to cling to me like the air you breathe, and you are my partner in this journey of womanhood. There is no one else as similar to me as you. . .

I cherish the way you want to follow in my daily steps, eager to share in everything I do. I am completely in awe of the fact that I will be the one to teach you about all things feminine, and about becoming the woman that God intended you to be.

Someday too soon I will hold your children as I held you tonight. Don't grow up too fast, little one!

I love you, beautiful baby.
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Faith Hope Love Mama July 29, 2008 at 10:54 PM  

What a beautiful post. Oh they do grow up too fast. :(

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