Sunny Days

Ok, here's my massive post about our vacation! I took over 400 pictures, and these are most of my favorites. I realize not everyone enjoys other people's vacation photos, but since this is my digital scrapbook, I had to post all of them. My apologies!

We were actually all sick when we left. This has never happened to us before and we were just a tad unhappy about it. Marvin and I thought we may have had strep, so we took all 5 us to the doctor on Friday before we left. A hundred dollars later, we walked out of the office with the depressing news that we all just had a REALLY mean virus.

For 4 nights I had to take 6 Tylenol each night just so I could sleep through the pain of my throat. The day we got there Ava had a fever and Benji was coughing like a seal (the doctor told us that he had croup). However, God is good. He held us all together, and by Tuesday we had turned a corner and our feeling sick no longer took center stage.

We had a lovely time after that, a time of sweet relaxation and enjoying each other's company. The cottage we rented this time was darling; quite small compared to our house here, but it had that quirky, kitchsy cottage-y feeling that more than made up for it.

We spent the days playing on the beach, playing shuffleboard, taking walks, listening to live music, eating, shopping (anyone jealous yet? *grin*), and the best part: sitting around doing absolutely nothing!

Hope you enjoy the photos. Oh, and if there are any of my family members looking at these, please leave a comment so I know you were here!

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Amanda August 19, 2008 at 5:50 PM  

It looks like you guys had sooo much fun! I love all of the pictures! Thank you!

My2Gs August 19, 2008 at 9:50 PM  

I'm glad you had such a wonderful stress free vacation :)
~ Lacie

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