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I've sat down at least three times today to write a post and it seems that I have nothing to say. Nothing profound, nothing witty, nothing interesting or educational. I'm not exactly depressed, more like in a flat spot. So, here's all I've got:

Ava said "I love you" to me yesterday in her tiny, pixie baby voice. I'm sure an iceberg or two melted in Alaska when she uttered that precious phrase. I just about cried a river. See, Ava's a bit of a mommy's girl. (OK, that's putting it very mildly) I am fully aware of how she feels about me. But somehow, that knowledge doesn't quell the exasperation I feel when she's 6 inches from me during her every waking hour. That includes following the vacuum around, following me upstairs when I put away laundry, and of course following me into the bathroom. So, when she actually verbalized to me what all that elfin stalking represented, it was like a curt rebuke from my heavenly Father. I'm not perfect and no overnight change of heart will occur, but surely this newly coined three word phrase will be like cool rain on my often hot temper.

I've redone my FlyLady routines and the house is staying relatively neat and tidy. Strangely, as much as I despise clutter and general dirtiness, I have a very hard time staying in my routine. I have always had a very rebellious nature, and sometimes I feel the need to rebel against myself by just stepping over the same pair of shoes a hundred times instead of picking them up.

I'm hosting our mom's group this fall. We meet on Wednesdays. I love to host, but don't necessarily love to clean up the mess that 5 toddlers and three 4 year olds leave in their wake! We have wonderful group, right now we're studying the book "Having a Mary Heart" by Joanna Weaver. It's a great book, full of spiritual insights and practical applications to real life. Yesterday we talked about speaking the truth in love. How to confront a friend if they are straying spiritually, while having a godly, humble attitude. Tough stuff to do!

I'm still listening to Parenting with Love and Logic and am struggling with how to apply that advice to our situation. Alec is a bit of a fighter and an independent thinker; qualities that will serve him well in adult life, but qualities that are a bit challenging to deal with as a parent. Things are getting better, though.

A good friend of mine has recently gone through a very traumatic situation. She's struggling to cope and I'm struggling with how to be her friend during this. Should I stay away and give her space? Should I waltz in and offer pleasant, girly distractions from the depression that's written all over her face? Questions floating around daily, still not sure what the answer is. The only sure thing I'm able to do is pray, and pray I have, in a BIG way!

A very busy weekend is coming; we have two birthday parties and another party for the boys to attend. Somewhere in there we'll be going to church and maybe, just maybe, squeezing in some "just family" time. We've tried for the last month or two to make Sundays off limits to any plans or commitments, and to reserve it for just us or working around the house on a project. So far it's been working, and a very nice way to reconnect before heading into another busy week.

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Just The Girl September 11, 2008 at 8:01 AM  


About your friend, don't stay away be there in her face all the time (even if she says no) she will thank you for it one day. When people go thru traumatic situations they need love and support to get thru past it and you aren't there to give it to her who will...be a great friend!!! And pray some more...


Charity September 11, 2008 at 12:20 PM  

This is pretty good for nothing to say. I loved the elfin stalking reference, that is a perfect description ;)

You have a great voice for some of these universal wife/mother/friend struggles.

MerrandaVK September 11, 2008 at 8:38 PM  

I agree, you do have a great voice for the struggles of motherhood... I still remember the first time Ethny said I love you to me, and it broke my heart...

I still feel like I am wandering ,trying to get a good rhythm for our fall routine.

Oh, and I JUST finished Love & Logic 2 weeks ago.. Love to hear more of your thoughts on it sometime.

Faith Hope Love Mama September 12, 2008 at 2:03 AM  

I did Joanna's book two years ago and did the follow up book last year. What a great bible study those were. What great teaching moments from God I had doing those.
I feel a bit flat lately also. As you can probably tell by my lack of posting or interesting posts. Life is busy and I find that I am a little lost in the shuffle of serving everyone right now. I'm not sure what makes me tick right now but I know who I can trust to direct me. Just hard at the moment. I hope you have some family time this weekend. We do ours on Friday evenings. It's a tradition we started a little over a year ago. We really try to keep it to ourselves because the weekends get crazy.
Hope you have a great weekend. :)

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