Um. . .

nothing exciting. . .

~marvin is off today, we're taking out all the window air-conditioners (we have no central air) and putting up our storm windows

~I stood in the rain and cold for an hour yesterday with Ava and Benji so I could watch Alec and his group of cubscouts march in our Veteran's Day parade

~progress is slow on Ava's Christmas dress. I think I've finalized the design, but for some reason I'm dragging my feet on making the muslin pattern. Still can't decide if I want to use velvet or not

~it's sunny today, but VERY cold. We need to finish raking up the leaves in the front yard

~we only have one window in our bedroom; I washed it today inside and out and our room is brighter and sunnier! (it's been a little too long since I did that)

~we celebrated my birthday over the weekend. One party here with my parents, one party at my MIL's house with my SIL's and nephew and niece. My real birthday is this Friday. Marvin won't be home for it, he's going hunting

~alec got glasses, but he's only a tad farsighted. He only needs them for homework and computer time. He looks really cute in them, like a little scientest

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McSarah November 10, 2008 at 8:16 PM  

exciting stuff girlfriend! I love clean windows too : )

Faith Hope Love Mama November 11, 2008 at 10:39 AM  

Wish I could clean windows today. The cleaner would probably freeze on the windows and it's spitting rain/snow. How did you know Alec needed glasses? Was it routine or was he having problems? I'm wondering about my middle child and we don't have coverage with our insurance for eye exams. Sad that I am thinking of costs but's it's reality. Anyhoo-hope you have a great Birthday!! Maybe Marvin will bring you back something. :)

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