Heavenly Peace

Today was so peaceful. I think somehow knowing that we didn't have to face the "trauma" of another school day made us all happier.

Alec was his old, silly self again. He played kindly with Benji all morning and Benji, in turn, was kind to Ava. Around lunch time, Benji went to play with a friend and Alec and I spent time doing math and making Flubber while Ava slept.

Alec, Benji and Daddy are at a Cub Scouts meeting tonight at the local firehouse. No worries about getting home in time because tomorrow is a "school day", no stress for me to hurry and pack Alec's lunch to save time in the morning, no obsessive clock watching this morning or this afternoon to worry about drop off and pick up.

My hope is that all this peacefulness will trickle down and soothe Alec's nervous immune system, and calm his jittery nervous system. He did so well today when I asked him to do his math homework. He sat right down and finished it right away without jumping out of his seat the usual ten thousand times.
Today has made me think twice about homeschooling...

Any successful homeschooling mommas out there care to comment?

p.s. the best part of all of this was that I was calm enough to put Ava on the potty all day! She had NO ACCIDENTS! This is a first in our house, my boys peed all over the place! Please, God, let her be my easy one!

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4 Little Men and Twins December 15, 2008 at 9:19 PM  

Yeah! i was praying for a peaceful day... you NEED that! Awesome for Ava, apparently Ozzie only pees on teh potty the day of and after he sees Ava. Ha! He peed once today on the potty but the rest were accidents. Hmmmmmm.... soon.... soon I hope.


Kelli December 16, 2008 at 8:52 AM  

I don't homeschool, but a few of my friends do and love it. It sounds like it would work for Alec. There are SO many resources out there, titus2.com is one that my friends uses a lot. There are a lot of books out there too. Good luck.

Amanda December 16, 2008 at 11:33 AM  

Hi! That's great that Alec is having a better time. My homeschool experience is limited so far, but I can tell you that we really love it. My sister is also homeschooling her boys and they are finding the whole experience to be more creative and relaxing than when they were in traditional school. Email me if you want to talk abou it!

Aleah December 17, 2008 at 12:47 AM  

It's made our family life a lot calmer = we all get along better!

I'm not 'seasoned' but email if you have any ?'s. : )


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