Joyful Souls

Ever wonder exactly why it is that Christmas time seems to evoke smiles from even the grumpiest clerk at the DMV? Why is it that people are more likely to leave a generous tip and say, "Oh, but it's Christmas!" How come suddenly everyone wants to give new toys to parentless children and donate funds to local churches that they've never attended?

I was driving my kids somewhere (when am I not doing that?) a couple of days ago and was enjoying the festive feeling around me, smiling to myself, when this realization crept into my heart. Even if we are skeptical, at best, about the virgin birth of our Savior, our souls can't hide from the shining truth that is on the front lawn of every neighborhood church during this time of year.

That tiny baby in a manger, our mighty God willingly becoming helpless, Jesus incarnate, here to save the sinful human race. The truth of the unfathomable sacrifice the Father made of His Son, giving the One to save us all.

I like to think that every year on Christmas, heaven's windows and doors burst wide open, the Son's face shines on each and every one of us, faithless or faithful, sinner or saved, and we all get a special opportunity to do something significant, something that would seem impossible during the other 11 "ordinary" months of the year.

Won't you take this opportunity during the greatest celebration on earth to reach out to someone else? Give a little extra in the offering at church, donate something brand new to a local thrift shop, serve food at a shelter on Christmas Day, or simply bow your head in prayer for those less fortunate.

May your families find the peace, joy, and grace of our Savior.
Marvin, Shelly, Alec, Benji, and Ava

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McSarah December 23, 2008 at 5:11 PM  

So true : ( We should be like "this" year around, eh?

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