NOT new year's resolutions

:: I do NOT resolve to keep my house tidier, my laundry caught up, and my bathroom floors spotless

:: I do NOT resolve to stop eating baked goods and bananas dipped in peanut butter and melted chocolate

:: I do NOT resolve to quit yelling at my kids when I'm too frustrated to see straight

:: I do NOT resolve to pick up my husband's shoes when they're 2 inches from the shoe bin instead of kicking them or stomping on them

:: I do NOT resolve to stop feeling inadequate as a mom when I see another mom smoothly orchestrating a craft session with ages 2-8 all at the same table

:: I do NOT resolve to exercise every day so I can lose weight and finally look "hot" again for my husband


:: I will keep the house tidy, laundry caught up and bathroom floors spotless only when it doesn't distract me from the bigger goal of raising my children

:: I will make a conscious effort to not only continue caring for the health of my children, but also to start caring for my own health, making small positive changes, one at a time (and I will still savor some chocolate!)

:: I will accept the fact that I do not have an infinite reservoir of patience, nobody's perfect, and it's Jesus running the show not me so I need to let go and let Him show me what to do next

:: I will repent for my rebellious nature, and when I can pick up after myself only, with a cheerful attitude, then and only then will I attempt to pick up after my husband without grumbling

:: I will realize that it's ok if my craft sessions fail, at least I tried and things always get easier as the kids get older. I will never stop trying to teach my kids to be creative, no matter how much paint spills, how many markers dry out, or how much play-doh gets eaten.

:: I will accept the fact that my husband loves me intensely for who I am on the inside, and even though he may have married me for my looks {wink}, superficial love is meaningless and what we have now is infinitely better and more fulfilling. I will stop being so self conscious and self critical and will live in the knowledge that I'm beautiful in the Lord's eyes because He sees my heart.


Everyone who reads this is tagged to come up with a NOT resolution...leave a comment so I can visit and read yours!

Here's to an honest, joyous, creative, new New Year!

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Katy January 2, 2009 at 9:42 PM  

So inspired by the felted wool project! I just can't tell you how I want to do it, but am scared to go buy sweaters or blankets to make it happen.

I'm thinking I might actually look for pinks, whites, reds, maroons, purples etc and try hearts for Valentine's and try to put it on wire to shape.

Anyway - just wanted to let you know I loved your project!


Nicole January 15, 2009 at 3:37 PM  

Oh my gosh,

I can't believe that you didn't get more comments on this AMAZING post! ;) I found your blog thro 4littlemen.

I am always inspired by moms like you... keep up the good work being an example to the next generation of moms like me! :)

You can go over to my blog to see my thoughts for the new year!

Blessings - Nicole

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