Got Real?

In an effort to debunk the widespread theory that some of us bloggie mommies are not "real", I am going to be periodically posting some on-the-spot pics of my very real, sometimes very untidy, never boring life.

Exhibit A: the end of my kitchen counter where we dump all the stuff to go out to the recycling bin. It sometimes overflows onto the stove top. Sometimes, instead of taking the stuff 10 feet to the front porch, I use the messy stove as an excuse not to cook.

How about you?
Got real to show?

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Kate February 2, 2009 at 10:03 PM  

Oh my, I've got SO MUCH "real" going on around here its RIDICULOUS! I'll have to take some pics and do a post. My favorite...the wet diapers I just LEAVE at the changing table instead of carrying them a few feet away to the trash. I think there's about 3 over there right now. Ha!

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