Got Real?

Here's my Real for this week:
This is the top of our closet at the bottom of the stairs. It is never clean, and what's worse, it doesn't have a door! The FlyLady says to de-clutter for 15 minutes ever day...this definitely needs to make it to the top of my list. We've had to post "Avalanche Warning" signs after various family members have been pummelled by falling rolls of toilet paper. . .

See if you can spot:

~Ava's Jump Seat Booster Chair

~a jumbo size of Method hand soap from Costco

~a box of Meijer brand tissues

~A pack of AA batteries

(that's only about 1/4 of the things that I squeeze into this tiny space!)

2 readers took time to leave a thought:

Charity February 18, 2009 at 8:24 PM  

I got my MeeUp sling today and it is so cute and so much fun. I tried it with my three year old (he is kind of small) and he did not want to get out. I cannot wait to use it with the baby!!

Thanks. The quality seems great and I LOVE the fabric!!

If you ever need a review or endorsement of any kind just let me know!

Charity February 18, 2009 at 8:27 PM  

Oops, I meant to add that I saw the EXACT same thing at Babies R Us in not nearly as cute of fabric options, for $50.

I can't wait to show it off and tell anyone that asks where I got it.

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