Our hotel had Select Comfort sleep number beds, down comforters, down pillows and REAL cotton sheets! Score! However, much to Ava's dislike, we had a portable crib brought in for her to sleep in. After she screamed, "I WANT MY MOMMY!!" at the top of her lungs, we decided to let her experience the sleep number bed with us until she fell asleep. In the morning, we realized that her head and feet were touching the rails on both ends. I guess we'll have to find a room with three beds next time instead of two...is that even possible?

The hotel was a perfectly round tower, each room has a balcony overlooking that particular part of the city. We opted out of paying the extra fee to insure us a view of the river and the boats. Instead, we had an exciting overhead look at a very busy highway and some office buildings...it was still pretty at night- heck anything's pretty in the dark if you add twinkle lights!

The building is what I would consider vintage; the elevators were complete with marble floors and elaborate carved wood lining the walls.

We loved the elevator so much that we had to take our picture in the giant mirror on the back of it.

At the museum center on Saturday, we spent most of our time in the Natural History museum. It had super-cool features like a large and very realistic man-made cave, complete with bats and dripping water.

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