Spring Break

Last week, the kids did this

and this

while Marvin did this

and this.
He spend the lion's share of his time this week removing some old fence and replacing it with a new privacy fence. He rented a post hole digger, dug 15 holes, sank 15 posts in fast-drying cement, and installed most of the sections. He has never put in a fence before, and you'd never know it. He worked like a pro and nothing went wrong! I can say with most certainty that that has never ever happened on an project we have attempted. I kept holding my breath waiting for him to come frustrated into the house and he never did.
As I'm writing this, all but two sections and the gate are up. The rest will get finished this week in the evenings.

At the end of the week, we took the kids to a museum center a couple hours south of here. We have been to the children's museum portion of the building, but were looking forward to seeing what else it had to offer. Since it was Alec's birthday weekend, we decided to sweeten the pot by splurging on a hotel room for a night with a pool.

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