WeekEnd (finally!)

I keep forgetting to do this post...

Let's see...on Monday I pandered to my boys need to be constantly around friends in some capacity. Alec went to someone's house, and Benji had someone over here. That is literally all we did, and it took the whole day!! You know how that goes...

Tuesday we went to what we call the "Sand Park" with Nana for a picnic. It's a park about halfway between our house and Nana's (my mom) that has not only a very cool playground (or "pway-glound", as Ava calls it!) but also a huge sand pit with diggers, and a water fountain. It's totally wicked! We were super tired from being in the sun all afternoon when we got home so we all kinda laid around till Daddy came home from work

Wednesday we stayed home. Ahhhh! We've been having a revolving door here for the past several weeks and I felt an intense need to shut it for a while. Nothing spectacular went on except that the boys did their chores without complaining, and we all sat down and watched The Music Man. Ava loved the pretty dresses and dancing. The boys insisted that they hated it, but they sat very still and watched the whole thing. Even the girly parts. After dinner we went on an hour long bike ride.

Thursday I took the kids to our local Splash Pad. We headed out early to beat the heat and crowded-ness. Nana met us there, and everything was rosy. Oh, wait, except for my three kids who stood glued to my side whining about the wind, their empty bellies, and how they had no one to play with!!!

I was just a tad annoyed (heavy sarcasm here, people) at the ungrateful attitudes. On the way home, I told Alec that he and Benji needed to make a list of what they wanted to do for the remainder of the summer that didn't include anything electronic or indoors and that's what we'd do. And I apologized for making them go somewhere that was so miserable!!!

 Later we went to the park to try and teach Benji how to ride his bike. Ava met a beautiful little girl on the slide named Sage. What a cool name! Benji's bike lessons were a failure...guess he's not ready yet.

Friday Late start to the day...Watched three kids for a friend until after lunch, fixed lunch for said friend and some of the six kids.  Procrastinated for the whole day until 5:00 and then finally went to the grocery store. 

The problem with that was that we were supposed to be at some friends house for dinner at 6:30!  But, super mom that I am (LOL!) I made it in and out of the grocery and back home in 40 min !  We were late to dinner, but we had fun.

Saturday Boys had soccer in the morning.  On the way home we stopped at our farmer's market in the middle of town.  Later, Marvin had to drive to another town to get a part for our refrigerator, so he took the boys with him, and Ava and I went shopping!

It was actually fun; for the first time she wasn't throwing a tantrum or running away from me.  She watched me try on clothes and then wanted to select and try on some clothes of her own.  It was so cute to see her sorting throught the racks and picking stuff out.

That night, I went to a concert with some friends, girls night out.  Fun, but we didn't get home till after midnight!

Sunday Super tired from the concert, slept in and didn't make it to church.  Went to our local flea market and scored an amazing deal on a Honda lawnmower, and some incredibly awesome jewlery for myself and play jewlery for Ava.  Pictures coming later!

After lunch we watched Hotel For Dogs together (very cute and totally appropriate and family friendly).  Then my parents and brother came over to celebrate my mom's birthday.  After dinner, we walked to a yard sale a few houses down, and *gasp* bought the boys a guniea pig!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah.  Our dog wants to eat it.  More about that coming, I'm sure.

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Faith Hope Love Mama July 20, 2009 at 10:19 AM  

A guinea pig eh?
Have fun! I couldn't believe I bought three gerbils last year either. I still wonder what I was thinking. :)
Sounds like you need a week to unwind from it all. Ours was crazy with VBS. So glad that is over.Have a good one!

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