Monday I opened the revolving door again! Two friends here for Alec, one here for Benji, lunch made for six kids. Ava played in her new pool twice, despite the un-seasonably cool weather. She didn't mind her blue lips or chattering teeth! Dinner was leftovers, and we took another bike ride.

Tuesday Yet again more people in my house!  My sister in law and her two kids came.  We spent a leisurely morning and afternoon watching the kids play outside in the sand box and baby pool.  My nephew ended up staying to spend the night. We had a great time, but by about 5:00 I realized that I hadn't lifted a finger and Mt. Washmore was toppling and the kitchen floor looked horrendous from all the sand and water tracked on it all day.  I remembered with a jolt that I was hosting our women's Bible study the next day, and had a mild panic attack that caused Marvin to frantically start loading the dishwasher.

Wednesday My nephew did make it all night here (it was his first official sleep over any where) and my friend Sarah needed a place for her kids to go for an hour before Bible study, so while 7 children lounged on my couches, I exercised, showered, and tried to feed most of them breakfast.  The house was still terrifically messy at 9:30 am when all the ladies arrived, but I put on a brave face and played the gracious hostess anyways.  I think probably I might have been a little tired after that because as I'm typing this, I really can't remember what happened the rest of the day!

Thursday Alec had a playdate scheduled with a friend for the early afternoon. I got out of bed thinking that we'd all stay home today with no guests.  Looking forward to a day of solitude and quiet, I went up to get Ava out of her bed. I was greeted with two squabbling boys and a petulant toddler who wanted anything but the pair of underwear I was trying to put her windmilling legs through.  I decided right then and there to give up for the day.  I ignored the boys, fed Ava, and plopped her on our bed in front of several episodes of Dora while I read a book in my nightgown.  The whole day pretty much consisted of too much TV, not enough clothing, and the wrong kind of food.

Friday Off to the zoo with my MIL, SIL, her MIL, and all the kids.  The weather was beautiful, the kids were happy (for the most part) and we really enjoyed a new show involving animals rescued from shelters.  We stayed longer than I would have liked, and didn't get home till after 3:00.  I usually only have a one-hour tolerance for things like that! We had a much needed quiet time when we got home and then went off to homegroup in the evening.  I didn't see Marvin all day until 9:00 when we got back; he was at a work event in the evening.

Saturday Marvin had to work, we all slept in because of the late night and long day before.  We were ultra lazy again, and I kinda had a moment of feeling totally overwhelmed and inadequate.  When Marvin got home from work, he took the kids to a very large vintage car show in town, and I showered and did some housework while they were gone.  We went to Sat. evening church, and put the kids to bed right away when we got home.  I worked for a while on some meeUps and then went to bed.

Happy Sunday, everyone!!  So far today, I've loaded and started the dishwasher, fed everyone once, and we've been to the local flea market...

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Faith Hope Love Mama July 27, 2009 at 9:08 AM  

Your life sounds like mine. Busy and filling. We went to the zoo Thursday and was there for 5 hours. I was exhausted. Also, hubby was on call and worked all evening Friday and got called again Saturday morning. I should be thankful he has a job just sometimes it feels like too much. I should journal a week sometime. It might be fun to take a look back at. I'm so sorry that you felt inadequate. That is a horrid feeling. I'm sure it was just the week catching up with you. You sound like a great mom and wife. Don't believe anything other than that. :)

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