group activities (5)

we had the privilege of spending the week there with friends of ours
they generously offered seats in their jumbo van (they have two boys, triplet girls and an exchange student for the summer)
and a ride to a close-by private beach for the evening
tons of fun!
(can you find my three kiddos and Marvin?)

the kids all really enjoyed playing together and my three loved the cultural experience of spending time with a non-English-speaking child
{top row, left to right: Grace,Benji, Alec, Elizabeth, John, Joshua, Olivia}
{bottom row: Yuto, Ava}
one of our favorite spots in our summer cottage
this was the only time we let kids be up there unsupervised; the cottage was built in 1881 and has had very few updates!
we don't mind, though
enjoying one last pizza from Sloopy's on the last day
pizza for 13, anyone?

this is the amazing family we spent the week with
Jennifer home educates their five children
and is constantly providing cool opportunities for them like bee-keeping classes, chickens in the back yard, and a Japanese exchange student for the summer!

fishing on pier was a favorite activity
Marvin was always the man with the bait
and the willingness to thread it on the hook!

I wasn't there to see this, but I'm guessing that
Benji's pole caught the fish and he didn't want to touch it!

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