SiLlY ciRcuS

Giggles, sillies, ants in the pants, whatever you want to call it, it's invaded our school sessions in a big way this week.  Benji, our resident comedian, started it on Monday and it's gone downhill rapidly.

Benji's specialty is totally random sentences and made up words combined with Jim Carey-esque facial expressions and potty talk.  Try to be his 8 year old brother and not laugh at that sitting across the table!  In Alec's mind, of course the whispered phrase, "the magic word is Faaaawr-kuuuuus" with crossed eyes and a finger up the nose takes priority over the answer to 9+7.

I was reminded brilliantly by a reader and fellow home educator recently that "God doesn't call the equipped, He equips the called".  Thank you, gentle reader, for such a gem of encouragement.  In the hubbub of hysterical cackling consuming my three students, I'm searching for that equipment that I'm supposed to be receiving from my heavenly provider.

Today, I've used the tool called 'Daddy's-coming-home-early-today-and-he'll-be-glad-to-finish-up-these-projects-with-you', and excused the boys to clean their room.  I hear screaming coming from upstairs which is my cue that once again, my notion that boys this age can complete a task unsupervised is complete lunacy.

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11arrows August 27, 2009 at 3:36 PM  

Hello! First of all, thank you for all your comments on my blog! It makes my day when people leave them! (Pretty sad, huh?!) Secondly, I suffer from the same problem many times! Silliness drives me CRAZY! I can handle having a little fun, however, you give an inch they take a mile! So I find it really hard to even have fun at times! I hate that! My oldest ones have the biggest problem! What one does not think of another one will! The only thing that ever works for me is putting them to work! I really wish I had a great answer for you! Sometimes I do decide to just throw my hands in the air and laugh with them! Not often enough however! You sound like a GREAT mom and keep living or God! keep in touch! I enjoy the company!:)

Charity August 27, 2009 at 3:54 PM  

well, I for one totally admire you for taking on full time homeschooling. Mine are in half day kindergarten and just a little bit of preschool so I am working with them at home too and I can't imagine full day homeschooling! Wow!

when I was reading your post though, one thing I thought was maybe to capitalize on the silliness and have like a drama 'class' once a week (or day as needed) where you actually encourage them to be funny, act out a scene, or whatever. Maybe if it isn't discouraged and "taboo" they won't feel the need to do it during non-silly sessions.

I use this for my guys since they are always making gun noises (aka spitting) all over the house. So, I take them outside on occasion and just insist that they make all the gun noises they can until they are just sick of doing it.

Good luck!

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