We're leaving tomorrow for our week at the lake. We're all super excited. I can't believe it's finally here; I think about this week all year until it finally comes again!!

I'm mostly packed, my lists have served me well again. I still need to pack our personal care items and vitamins and food in the morning, and then we need to stuff ALL of it into our van.

For some reason Twitter won't let me post anything right now...ARRgh!

AND, my 80% of my hard drive is now taken up with my pictures and won't let me load any more in. Which means we have to find some sneaky way to get rid of some so I can empty one of my CF cards before the trip. Last year I filled two, 1GB, cards before we came home!

So, no pictures and no Twitter! What's a girl to do?

See y'all later! Peace out.

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Michelle Jamie August 9, 2009 at 3:50 PM  


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