first day of {home} school

I know, I know...we're back from vacation, so where are the beach photos??

Well, slightly more important things have taken precedence, like our first day of school! I really wanted to get started a little early so that I could take my time and not feel rushed and pressured to finish on time.
I'm still getting used to the notion that it's totally up to me when I do and what I do.

I have a massive white board on the door of the closet in the kitchen with our family, school, and my schedules written on it. It was an absolute live saver today as I was bouncing through the school day.

To give you a rough idea...

I now get up at 6am
I am exercised, showered, dressed, laundry started, dishwasher unloaded, email checked by 8am when I start breakfast.

The kids are dressed and full of breakfast with their laundry downstairs and beds made by 9am when we start our school day with Bible.

At around 11:15 we break for lunch, and finish up the school day by around 1. We've covered Bible, language arts (reading, spelling, handwriting), geography, science, math, art, and music. And probably a couple hard-learned lessons in patience and grace for momma!

I'm teaching a third grader, a Kindergartner, and a toddler.

The afternoons are still a bit of a jumble. I left them loose on purpose until I get farther into the school year and figure out how we're going to do field trips, errands, and such.

I'm not perfect, but I'm following the perfect will of my heavenly Father, who chose this path for our family to walk. I'm looking forward to seeing how He provides for us during this journey!

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Chrysanthemama August 18, 2009 at 11:26 AM  

Wow, what a great schedule with an incredible purpose. I will be praying that your homeschooling journey goes well this year!

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