Just dropping in to say...

we had a GREAT Christmas!

Did you?

We enjoyed






The boys got a huge Lego set to share
Ava got a new dolly
I accidentally got Marvin the wrong thing
Marvin got me...

 a new camera!!!!


My wonderfully creative, romantic husband wrote a long story for me
complete with pictures (that I had taken over the past few years)
interspersed with clues to open several gifts in a certain order

The last gift (or so I thought) was Photoshop

After we opened our stockings, he gave me another card with another story
complete with pictures
with another clue to open the REAL last gift.

I cried when I opened the package and saw my very own
{{Cannon 40D}}
all snuggled up in the bubble wrap

I had to just keep coming back and peeking in the box for most of the morning
until I got enough nerve up after lunch to actually take it out
It really didn't seem real!

I would have been  super excited 
with just Photoshop
that's not how Marvin rolls

Remember this post from last Christmas?
The one about making it *magic* for me?

Well, my magic man did it again
I once again felt like a
total dork
since it's nearly impossible to buy the guy anything
and when I tried this year, I bought the
wrong thing.

So, sweetie, if or when you read this, I want you to know...

I don't take you for granted
I never expect what you do
feel entitled or deserving
treat me like a princess
~~~~~I love *YOU* so much!~~~~~

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Crystal December 29, 2009 at 7:45 AM  

that sounds like Christmas in my house...between me and my honey. he is the BEST shopper and no matter HOW hard I try he always out does me with his thoughtful gifts! it kills me truly...because I try SO hard! this year for our anniversary he surprised me with a macbook...how can i compete with that? better luck for us next year. :)

The Baker's December 29, 2009 at 9:34 PM  

That is so sweet Shelly! Now, we better see some new pics soon! :)

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