little chefs

In the other room I hear...

Alec: Hey guys, wanna play sushi?

Benji/Ava: YEAH!!!

giggle, giggle, giggle, huff, puff, thump thump, giggle

Ava: MOM! Come look at our sushi!

I go in and Alec proudly waves at Benji, symmetrically ensconced in blankets and pillows, and says: Look! Benji is the fish filling and these pillows are the rice and seaweed!

Then, in response to some soundless command, Ava joins Alec in rolling Benji and his rice up in a tight wad and Alec shouts, THEN WE EAT HIM!

Benji writhes on the floor in hysterical giggles as his siblings dine on the delectable appetizer they've created...

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