WHAT really happens? (part1)

This is what happens here in my head...or on a good day...

I remember to bring my cell phone to bed and it wakes me up at 6am with chimes. I only push the "snooze" button once or twice.

I hop out of bed, make it up, and put on my workout clothes

After greeting my always-awake-early husband, I start a load of laundry and do a quick "swish and swipe" in the bathroom

I then head out to the kitchen, take my pills with a glass of water, and turn on the TV...what?? Yes, turn on the TV...to exercise!

After a 30 minute workout with my EA Sports Active virtual trainer, I kiss my hubby 'bye and head up to the shower

Since I got up early enough, the kids are still asleep while I shower, fix my hair and face, and dress.

By the time they are up, I am in the kitchen preparing breakfast.

They come down dressed, and leave their dirty laundry by the washing machine, and Alec and Benji unload the dishwasher while I finish making food and get Ava settled at the table.

The morning progresses nicely from there, with my reading a Bible passage to the kids while they finish eating, and school work finishing up around 1:00.

In the afternoon, we do housework together, and continue chore training for each child, run errands, visit with friends, go to the library or the grocery store, and other necessities.

At about 5:00 I start fixing a meal off of my meal list that I planned the week before. We eat around  6:30 when Marvin gets home.

After dinner everyone helps clear the table and do the dishes and we spend the rest of the evening working on projects, reading, checking school work, or playing until bedtime.

After the kids are in bed (between 8 and 9) Marvin and I spend time cozy on the couch watching a sitcom or just talking until we go to bed around 10...

yeah. right.

I'll tell you tomorrow what REALLY happens...

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4 Little Men and Girly Twins December 7, 2010 at 1:29 PM  

hee-hee! You let me know, and i'll let you know how our day goes too! :)


Anonymous December 7, 2010 at 2:33 PM  

I have to say I started getting suspicious at the part where the kids remember to take their jammies to the dirty clothes hamper.

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