no Whining this time!

After a late night planning session yesterday, we are back up and rolling with our winter session of home school. This time around, I made checklists for all three kids instead of just for Alec. I like to give him a checklist so that the expectations are all laid out, and he can work independently without me having to remind him every 5 minutes what he's supposed to be doing.

The extra checklists for Benji and Ava were tremendously helpful this morning, it helped me to stay on track and know exactly when I was finished with them and they liked checking off each box as it was completed.

We also tried a tip I heard from a friend: I first spent about half an hour doing preschool activities with Ava, while Benji and Alec worked independently in the other room. Alec helped Benji if he got stuck reading something, but other than that they worked on their own, with the knowledge that I was unavailable to them until preschool was over.

After that, I sat with the boys and checked over their work, or helped them complete things they had gotten stuck on. There was a little too much of that for my liking, but as time goes on they will hopefully get more used to working like that and will complete more on their own.

Next we had lunch and afterward Ava watched a movie for her quiet time while I did science and history with the boys. We got a late start, this being our first day "back to normal" after the two week battle with the flu, but all in all I think the schooling part of the day went well.

Now, on to the afternoon, with housework, photo editing, and babysitting! We'll see how this part of the day goes...

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Anonymous January 3, 2011 at 7:22 PM  

Glad you are back and feeling better.
Your Canadian Fan,

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