puppy {love}

we couldn't stand being without a dog
we did something about it!

Ruger joined our family on Friday night
nighttime is NOT an ideal time to pick up a puppy
but we made it work

he is a 9 week old German Shepherd
he's very calm
and is learning fast

I can't wait till the potty-training phase is over!
winter is not a friendly season to be dashing outside every 15 minutes
with a wiggly puppy

I miss Ani terribly still
Ruger doesn't bark at outside noises yet
but barked at Ava when she came sneaking downstairs yesterday

He's a sweetie though...
and "talks" when we pick him up to snuggle

my dad teases that if we pick him up enough
our arms will get so strong that when he's full grown 90 pounds
we'll still be able to lift him!
I say we DON"T want a 90 pound lap dog!

the trainer might come next week to remind us what to do with this blank canvas of a puppy
I hope I can remember everything she tells me!

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11arrows January 10, 2011 at 5:11 PM  

Oh, I want one! :) My daughter is sooooo jealous! We did the winter puppy thing ONCE. Not easy but you'll make it! :) Thanks for sharing!

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