What I know...and don't!

::About homeschooling::

I know

We will do it forever

God made me to be the perfect teacher for my children

I never feel adequate, but cling to that truth on a daily basis

There is not a single curriculum out there that will make you a better teacher, or make your child a better

All curriculum websites make them look like they might be THE ONE

Most likely they're not

Our first year I used an already-planned-out curriculum in a box

I hated it

Our second year we went eclecctic. Completely and totally off on our own.

I loved it.

Except for one thing...
Being accountable to only myself for lesson plans probably is not the best idea here, for us!

While I enjoy doing my own thing, and always change up everything, I do need someone to hold my hand for the tough bits, like buckling down each week and planning the next one!

I am writing this because I"m about to send in my notifications and book list for the year and need to organize my thoughts...

I don't know

What the coming year will hold for our family in terms of location or lifestyle

If one child needs some dramatic reading intervention
When or how to make that decision

Which direction our studies will take us
If I want to school out of a box again or not

Conversely, if I want to spend oodles of time planning or not

How to squeeze in outreach ministry efforts into our already crowded schedule. Or if I should even try.

How to make more time for myself to exercise and read my Bible

How I could be so deserving of such an amazing husband and wonderful children...but somehow here they are!

Looking forward to another great year teaching...and learning!!

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Michelle Jamie August 13, 2011 at 3:17 AM  

Always love your posts.

I like the freedom to do what I like in a curriculum but lack the confidence to do it properly so what I do is order the box curriculum and spice it up with other things. I like that it has a guide for what my children should be doing right now so less planning on my part. The planning I do, do is all the fun creative stuff that I add.

we are so blessed as women with our families!!

12arrows August 13, 2011 at 9:31 AM  

I love it that I can read about another homeschoolers blog and can TOTALLY identify! We definately think alike! But I think I already knew that! :) Remember, God provides all that we need to teach our children! We just have to be faithful and obedient!

Blessings to you my friend!

Christine August 15, 2011 at 8:30 PM  

So many "don't knows" here for me. It's always a challenge- each new year! You'll find your way and hopefully it will be another "love it" year. :)

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