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I'm running a tight ship this week. Housework finished by 3:00, dinner started at 4:30, homework done, dinner eaten and put away, baths, jammies on, teeth brushed, toys picked up by 7:00.

We're starting another project in our drafty, dusty old house. I've convinced Marvin to commit to spending 30 minutes each night doing prep work in the room (aka: getting rid of his excessive amounts of clutter) so that the project will go more smoothly. In a fit of generosity, I asked him what the ideal circumstances would be upon his arrival from work that would facilitate his ability to follow through on his commitment. Well, you can refer to my first paragraph to figure out what his answer was!

I actually held up my end of the bargain quite nicely last night, and much to my suprise, so did Marvin! Because of how smoothly things went last night, I'm looking forward to seeing how the rest of the week will go, just from a scheduling standpoint. In theory, this kind of sound like a nice idea to keep up for the remainder of the school year...

Anyone want to take a guess at what room we're working on next?

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4 Little Men April 29, 2008 at 3:47 PM  

I meant to ask how that went.... I can't quite imagine getting that done over here. Maybe I'll give it a whirl! Ha!


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