Snow and Snot

This was the view out of my kitchen window yesterday. Notice the very green grass and the green leaves on the trees? And yes, that is SNOW on the grass!! I was told last night by some who are older and wiser that we have indeed, had snow in the past at the tail end of April.
I however, do not remember any such thing, and was highly disappointed not to be able to dress Ava in yet another of her cute summer outfits. It is also still very cold today, I got out my sweat pants again and am wearing a fleece sweatshirt. . .

As far as this picture goes, well, I just couldn't help it. . .
(He didn't make that face on purpose, I just happened to catch him in the act of itching his nose!)
Hope this doesn't embarrass him when he gets older!
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Kate April 30, 2008 at 8:48 PM  

I kept answering the phone, "Merry Christmas!" That's like how we got some serious snow for last year's Easter and Danny started his sermon, "Ho, ho, ho, He is risen." : )

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